potty training using sign languageI love to check out what is new in the world of babies, parenting and language. Today in my Google Alerts, I was directed to an article called “Later Potty Training Spells Trouble for Children, Parents and Environment” which is promoting and new program designed to potty train your child between the ages of 12 -24 months. This new program is by the well-known developmental psychologists Dr. Acredolo and Dr. Goodwyn who earlier put a national spotlight on the benefits of teaching your baby sign language.The premise of this program is that it is better to potty train your child before he sets in to the “terrible twos” and resists your attempts. Also, according to this article, Dr. Goodwyn said, “After age 2, children develop the ability to experience shame and embarrassment about bodily functions which can lead to additional problems, such as low self-esteem and stool-withholding, a tendency that can result in chronic constipation.” An added value is the benefit to our environment if we can decrease the amount of disposable diapers used and accumulated in our landfills.Since the program is recommended for children 12-24 months when expressive language can be limited, it is combined with sign language to ease communication with your child. So check it out,  Potty Training (Baby Signs) and let me know how it goes. I always say the two biggest challenges for me in raising my three boys were toilet training and teaching them to drive!